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The waste issue now has a new dimension:

Being "Green" is very important for the business globe today.

We all have to comply with the precautions to be taken to recover the destruction caused by industrialization and partially not to allow such destructions. Today, the environment - friendly production and recycling sectors have gained importance also in our country. Meanwhile, any kind of precautions are being taken to minimize the damage on our health and on the environment caused by the hazardous goods.

Bunun dışından tehlikeli maddelerin çevremize ve sağlımıza zararlarını minimize etmek için de her türlü önlem alınmaya başlanmıştır.

We are at your service as GWM CONSULTING with our knowledge andexperience about wastes and hazardous goods.



Dangerous Goods

Safety Advisor

As GWM Consulting, we offer Dangerous Goods Advisory services through our professional team.





Obligations of Producers of electrical and electronic equipments

Obligations of EEE distributors

Duties and responsibilities of municipalities

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